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Sponsorship that changes lives

As we welcome you to this issue of our newsletter, the team at the Vine Charitable Trust are in the process of meeting with the families of the 100 or so young people who need financial help so that they can move on to the next academic year in June. Because of this we felt it would be a good idea to focus on our sponsorship programme in this newsletter.
Child sponsorship provides the opportunity….

….for you to give the gift of education to a child who would otherwise either not be able to go to school or college or be unable to stay in education for long enough for it to make a difference. In linking you to a specific child or young person it gives you an insight into their life and an opportunity to share in their progress.
For our sister organisation VCT, the promise of regular giving enables them to reassure parents that their child’s education will be covered for as long as it is needed, whether that is for a three year degree course or throughout their schooling. For parents with low often insecure incomes or who are unable to work, this assurance is a great gift and gives them hope for the future.
We are extremely grateful for those of you who are already sponsoring a child or young person and who are therefore already a part of this transforming process. However we still have a number of children and young people at the start of the new academic year who are without sponsors.

Children playing







Matilda (6) & James (5) live in one tiny room with a separate kitchen and shared toilet. This is a step up from their father Donald who grew up living on a staircase, but it is still far from ideal. Matilda and James’ parents are virtually illiterate but they both have high hopes for their children which start with the dream of them going to school. Although both parent’s work their wages are not sufficient to cover their basic living costs. Matilda was recently diagnosed as being malnourished and they cannot afford to send the children to school.
This family has now been accepted by VCT. They receive a food allowance to ensure that the children are well nourished and can function well at school and they have their school fees paid so that they can attend school regularly and gain a good quality education. Donald and his wife are happy that their children now have hope of a better life and a chance to change their future. It is the start of something new for their family.
Robert (18) has just completed his first year at college and Simon (9) is in year 4 at school. Robert is very musical and plays the trumpet, guitar, drums and keyboard at his local church and in a local band and Simon loves games, writing stories and doing science projects. This happy scenario is however quite recent.
Robert and Simon’s father died suddenly in 2008 and then their middle brother also died in traumatic circumstances leaving their mother very depressed. The three of them live in a rented slum clearance board apartment with one small room, a kitchen and toilet. Although Ivy, their mother, occasionally works as a supply teacher she struggled to keep the boys in school.
However, things began to change after they were put in touch with VCT and over the past few years Ivy has been coming to the office and has received many hours of encouragement, counselling and prayer. The practical help and the love she has received from VCT has given her hope and she is much more confident and happy. Robert and Simon are now both flourishing academically and they are looking forward to their new year of studies.

Monthly amounts for a child from Kindergarten to Year 10 range from £10-£18
pcm depending on whether VCT gives only fees or whether a food allowance
is needed as well. For a child in year 11 and 12 the cost goes up to £30 pcm
including a food allowance and for a college student the cost including a
food allowance is £45 pcm. We currently have more college students in need
of sponsors than younger children although there are spaces free for most ages
at the moment.
If you would like to enquire about sponsorship further then please either phone
Rachel Thurley or email her giving details of the level of commitment you would
like to make. She will then be able to match you up with a child or young
person and send you out the relevant information for completing the

Fortunately the Indian Government has recently extended the date for
Charities to receive foreign donations into their current accounts. The expiry
date had been the end of April but is now October 2016.
We praise God for this extension but ask for further prayer that money will
continue to be able to be sent during this period and that the reapplications
submitted by both VCT and POTW will result in new accounts being authorised.
If they are not renewed this will create great difficulties for the work of both
organisations, which rely on funds from abroad.


We know that sponsorship is not for everyone and so we would also like to mention another funding need we currently have.
We mentioned in previous newsletters a family who in each generation have had struggles with health issues. The grandmother had leprosy, the mother had polio and the daughter now has
cerebral palsy. Sonia, the daughter used to have very limited movement, however since starting physio therapy she can now shuffle around on her bottom.
Physio is expensive and we would love to be able to ensure that Sonia can continue to have sessions for the coming year. It will cost £250 for physio therapy for one year for Sonia. If anyone would like to give towards this total we would love to receive it.


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