Spring 2015 Newsletter – “You make the difference.”

As I write, three visitors have recently returned from visiting the Vine Charitable Trust (VCT). Lettie Kearney who was there for her annual three month visit, Ed King the chair of AIC Trustees who visited VCT and India for the first time, returning on Good Friday and Sarah Thurley another trustee who dropped in on David and Grace in early March at the end of a trip visiting five projects for Rope, the charity she now works for.  VCT speak very warmly about Ed’s visit which we will hear about in our autumn newsletter, when he has had time to digest what he has seen. Here we will start with a few words from Lettie.


Children and Families

Home visitEach week Lettie spent a day with Grace and John, visiting people VCT support in their homes.  Here is a description of some of the living conditions she saw:

‘We entered through the gate of the landlord’s nice house and went down a narrow passage alongside of which was an open space where cattle are kept. The smell was overwhelming! One family has a two room house at the back; they have to keep the window shut to keep out the smell; another family of four live in one room with no windows and the bathroom and toilet outside. A third home was approached down a smelly road caked in poultry feathers. It had two rooms in which a husband, wife and three girls in their late teens live; again there was no window.’


Grace awarding certirficate to student teacherGerard Assey, a VCT Trustee, ran a seminar in November for the Students entitled “You make the difference”. He told them that each student had the potential to succeed and encouraged them to have a personal development plan for their future. This was the second seminar of this kind that VCT had held. Grace noted in her annual report that it was great to see how much more confident and sociable the students were this time. Here Grace is giving a certificate student teacher.

Evidence of this increased sense of togetherness and belonging was   also seen on the trip which VCT ran mostly for the students. They went to Dakshinachithra (South Indian Heritage Museum) and to the Scripture Union Camp at Mahabalipuram. The children explored the Museum, played lively games on the beach and enjoyed the meal they shared. It was a great success. Please pray for guidance for our young people as many will finish school or college in April and will need to make decisions about future courses or work.

 Older People

December is a special month in the life of VCT. This year Carol Services led by Pastor David Shrimpton were held during the first three Office Wednesdays. These were well attended by the Senior Citizens and as usual gifts of clothing were given out.

VCT’s Senior Citizens’ outing went to the same place as the students. They had a great time in the Museum and on the beach. They were particularly entertained by one lady who used to be in the circus and danced on the beach for them.

The People of the Way Church (PotW)

People of the Way Church1 While Sarah was in Chennai, David shared his vision with her for a new church building for PotW. They have built a temporary structure on the land they bought in Erunkancherri two years ago. On the right we can see a photo of one of the local outreach meetings. In the next two years David hopes to be able to build a permanent structure on this land and move the whole congregation across from its present rented home. It will be wonderful for them to have their own building. Please pray for them as they draw up plans and try to get planning permission.

Other VCT News

John Dhanaraj is busy preparing financial information with the auditors for the VCT application to renew its Foreign Currency Account (F.C.R.A). The government has asked all charitable organisations to reapply for their FCRA by 2016. VCT hope to apply in July. We would very much value your prayers for this as the government have refused to renew the FCRAs of a number of Christian charities in the last few months.

Finally we would like to give thanks for a legacy and two donations following supporters’ funerals in addition to the regular giving of many and for all your prayers; without which the work would not be possible.

Yours with love

Rachel Thurley and Lettie Kearney

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